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Vision Specialists of Papillion, which is locally owned and operated, is proud to be able to offer emergency eye exams to our patients.

We value being able to support our community and provide you with the most outstanding emergency eye care in Nebraska!

Vision Specialists Emergency Eye Care Optometrtists Doctors Specialists

Pain & Extreme Discomfort.
Call Immediately


If you are experiencing any new changes in your vision, flashes of light, a sudden increase in floaters, ocular pain, and/or sudden decrease in vision, call Vision Specialists of Papillion immediately.


If your injuries are potentially life-threatening for any reason, it is crucial that you call 911 or go straight to the Emergency Room.

Protect Yourself.
See The Doctor


Our doctors are specialty trained for advanced ocular issues.  In short, we are at our best when you need us most.  Most complex ocular issues can be solved quickly when you coordinate the latest technology with doctors who listen and genuinely care.


You can be confident you are in the right hands when you schedule with Vision Specialists of Papillion.

Vision Specialists Emergency Eye Care Optometrtists
Vision Specialists Emergency Eye Care Optometrtists Doctor

Follow Your Plan
A Clear Path To Relief


The best part of any eye exam should be the end, when Dr. Dayna Hazlewood carefully educates you on your condition and clearly lays out next steps.

Dr. Dayna Hazlewood routinely writes out instructions for medications and follow-up protocols so that the next steps are clear and simple.

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Dr. Dayna Hazlewood was chosen from the top candidates from across the nation. Our doctor network has direct access to the most advanced eye care professional education system in the United States.


Additionally, our doctors come from a variety of specialties, and our network is designed for collaboration. This ensures that our patients receive the best eye care in Papillion and all of Nebraska for years to come.

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