A Better Solution To Headaches, Tired Eyes & Neck Pain

At Vision Specialists, we know that you want to be free of headaches and tired eyes. To do that, you need a new solution for comfortable vision. The problem is that the digital world is drastically changing how we use our eyes, which makes you feel worn out and tired while trying to find a solution that helps. We believe your eyes shouldn’t hold you back from being productive and comfortable.

We understand the inconvenience of your daily symptoms, which is why we are one of the first eye care providers in the area to offer Neurolens®, the solution for your headaches and tired eyes.

Here’s How to Get Neurolens®:

1. Receive a quick 3-minute scan in the office

2. Get your personalized Neurolens® prescription

3. Experience relief like never before!

Schedule an appointment today! Stop the exhaustion caused by our digital age and instead feel recharged with Neurolens®.

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The digital world is drastically changing how we use our eyes. With the average American spending 10 hours per day looking at digital screens, our eyes are being stressed like never before. Symptoms such as headaches, tired eyes, dry eyes, and neck and/or back stiffness affect 65% of our patients — but only 10% of patients self-report these symptoms to their eye care provider. Why? Many patients are not aware these symptoms may arise from a misalignment between their eyes, which is worsened when viewing digital devices.

Vision Specialists is one of the first practices in Iowa and Nebraska to provide SightSync testing and Neurolens® technology to look for and correct misalignment between the eyes. SightSync® testing is provided during all comprehensive exams. This 3-minute test is the first of its kind to measure for a misalignment between the eyes. Our doctors will use data from the SightSync measurement system, and a Lifestyle Symptom Survey to prescribe lenses that help correct for this misalignment. The lenses are customized to you, ensuring that you can see clearly, and live more comfortably.

Schedule an appointment and have a quick 3-minute Neurolens® evaluation as part of your comprehensive exam to see if Neurolens® is right for you.

The Neurolens® System

Digital devices are everywhere, they’re impossible to escape. That’s why you need to understand the connection between the use of technology and how it can affect your eyes. Let us simplify it for you.

Our Eye-Brain Connection

Each eye must align properly to allow a single, clear vision experience. When there is a misalignment between the eyes, the brain must constantly compensate to avoid blur or double vision. This chronic, mismatched feedback from the eyes to the brain can lead to severe, daily symptoms. Eye misalignment leads to overstimulation of the trigeminal nerve, the largest and most complex nerve in the head and neck. Visual overstimulation of the trigeminal nerve, termed Trigeminal Dysphoria, can be the culprit for symptoms of headache, tired eyes, dry eyes, neck/back stiffness. Traditional glasses and contact lenses do not alleviate this misalignment, thus, leading to trigeminal dysphoria and symptomatic patients.

Vision Specialists 93% of patients find relief with neurolens®

How Does Neurolens® Work?

SightSync testing quickly identifies and measures how much your eyes and brain are overcompensating at distance and near viewing. The majority of patients have a larger misalignment with near vision, which is why viewing digital devices causes significant eye strain. With the information provided by SightSync, our doctors can prescribe Neurolenses® custom-designed to correct your misalignment with contoured prism technology. This is the first and only technology of its kind. The contour prism design allows for improved alignment between the eyes at all viewing distances. Neurolens® treatment provides relief to the constant drain of daily headaches, and symptoms of eye strain. For the first time, we can correct headaches, tired eyes, neck/back stiffness without medication, or other more invasive techniques.

We are excited to be able to offer a new option for our patients that they aren’t able to get anywhere else. Schedule your appointment today to see if Neurolens® is right for you. 

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What Does Neurolens® Treat?

We are some of the first in the area to provide Neurolens® technology, which is a modern prescription lens solution for headaches, tired eyes, neck/back stiffness, and eye discomfort.

Neurolenses® are most commonly used to treat: 

  • Headaches
  • Tired Eyes
  • Discomfort with computer use
  • Neck/Back stiffness
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Light Sensitivity 

Do you have questions? We have answers. Let us help you.

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What If I Don’t Currently Wear Glasses?

Anyone can be a candidate for Neurolens® whether you currently wear glasses or not. Neurolens® contour prism allows for alignment between the eyes, while traditional glasses provide clarity of vision only. Neurolenses® give both clarity of vision and the comfort of alignment. 

What If I Wear Contact Lenses?

Our contact lens patients can wear Neurolens® glasses with their customized contour prism over their current contact lenses. The Neurolens® design is not currently available in contact lenses. Traditional contact lenses do not correct for trigeminal dysphoria and ocular misalignment.  

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What If Neurolenses® Aren’t an Option for Me?

After a comprehensive evaluation, your doctor will provide you with the best option for your vision correction needs. 

At Vision Specialists, we specialize in helping you maintain comfortable vision throughout your day. Our digital world has drastically changed how we use our eyes, leading to an increase in tired eyes, headaches, and more debilitating symptoms, and we believe that shouldn’t hold you back. Sometimes it feels like you have tried everything to relieve your symptoms, and you’ve found nothing that helps.

Proper eye alignment is crucial to your overall health. To learn how Neurolens® treatment can help lessen the severity and frequency of symptoms, and reduce dependency on medications that mask symptoms, schedule your evaluation today. 

We are excited to be able to offer a new option for our patients that they aren’t able to get anywhere else.

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