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Vision Specialists of Clocktower is locally owned and operated. We pride ourselves on offering simple, modern eye care, including the life-changing technology of Neurolens®. We’re proud to continually support our community by providing the best eye care in the Midwest.

Vision Specialists Neurolens Testing

Simple Test. Simple Solution.
Don't Put Up With Pain


If you are experiencing headaches, neck and back stiffness, or eye strain from digital devices, call our office to schedule your Neurolens® evaluation.

Vision Specialists of Clocktower is proud to provide Neurolens® technology to our patients.  Neurolenses® are prescription lenses that go beyond clarity of vision by using a contoured prism to keep your eyes in alignment, bringing relief to your daily routine.

Fast & Easy.
3 Minute Testing


The Neurolens® measurement test is performed in the Clocktower Village office, as a part of your comprehensive eye exam, in less than three minutes. The test identifies the degree of your eye misalignment contributing to your symptoms.

This information allows Dr. Jared Holthaus to connect your symptoms to the daily use of your eyes, and determine your personalized Neurolens® prescription.

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Relief Like Never Before


After a thorough evaluation, if Dr. Jared Holthaus determines that Neurolens® technology will alleviate your symptoms, our Vision Specialists care team will get you set up with the frames of your choice that empower you to live your digital lifestyle without headaches, neck tension, and all the other symptoms that drive you crazy.

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Dr. Jared Holthaus was chosen from the top candidates from across the nation. Our doctor network has direct access to the most advanced eye care professional education system in the United States.

Additionally, our doctors come from a variety of specialties, and our network is designed for collaboration. This ensures that our patients receive the best eye care in Clocktower Village and all of Nebraska for years to come.

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