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Your child should not have to answer the same "which is better, 1 or 2" question over and over again. The world has changed, and along with it, so has eye care. Our Council Bluffs clinic uses the most advanced medical technology to reduce or eliminate the parts of the eye exam we all used to dread.

Vision Specialists of Council Bluffs is proud to provide simple, modern eye care for children of all ages. We’re proud to continually support our community and provide our patients with the best eye care in the Midwest!

Vision Specialists Advanced Testing

Simple & Easy.
Start With Simple Tests


Before your child sees Dr. Robyn Epley or Dr. Dayna Hazlewood, they experience three quick, high-definition scans for their prescription and ocular health. This allows their exam to be complete and efficient.

Glasses Prescription Scan: 

Through this use of high-definition scans, your child's glasses prescription is more detailed than ever before, with little-to-no "which is better, 1 or 2" questioning.

No Puff Eye Pressure: 

No more scary puff of air directly into your eyes. With the iCare® Tonometer, we can determine your child's risk for glaucoma with no puff of air.

Retinal Scan:

With scanning laser technology, we are able to scan and capture 82% of your child's retina in one image, eliminating the need for most kids' eyes to be dilated.

Simple & Precise.
The Eye Exam


At Vision Specialists, we believe that we provide the best eye exams in the world!  Through advanced technology, your child's eye exam can be more comprehensive and more efficient than ever before. The best part of any eye exam should be the end when Dr. Robyn Epley or Dr. Dayna Hazlewood carefully educates you and clearly lays out the next steps for your child.

At Vision Specialists of Council Bluffs, we take this one step further, with the Vision Experience Summary for each patient. Dr. Robyn Epley and Dr. Dayna Hazlewood are both InfantSee® Certified.

Your Exam Summary

We want you to leave our office empowered with a complete understanding of your child's eyes.  Every patient at Vision Specialists leaves with a concise one-page summary of the doctor's findings and next steps.

Vision Specialists Council Bluffs Eye Care Dr. Robyn Epley Dr. Dayna Hazlewood InfantSee
Vision Specialists Simple Modern Eye Care Frames

Modern Frames. Classy Kids.
Choosing Your Child’s Glasses


One size does not fit all. We understand that each child is unique and pride ourselves with personalizing next steps for each child.  After their eye exam, the doctor will work with our vision care team to determine next steps for your child's glasses, contact lenses, and ocular health management.

Coverage CompiledBW2

Simple. Vision Coverage.
Always In-Network


Each Vision Specialists doctor in Council Bluffs is chosen from the top candidates from across the nation. Our doctor network has direct access to the most advanced eye care professional education system in the United States.

Additionally, our doctors come from a variety of specialties, and our network is designed for collaboration. This ensures that your children receive the best eye care in Council Bluffs and all of Iowa for years to come.

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