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No one should have to deal with dry, irritating, uncomfortable vision. You deserve clear, comfortable vision.

Vision Specialists 156th & West Maple in Omaha is proud to offer simple, modern eye care for our patients, including treatment for chronically dry eyes. We look forward to continuously supporting our community and providing the best dry eye care in Nebraska.

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Do your eyes burn or water? Are your contacts not as comfortable as they used to be? Does your vision change throughout the day?


You may be suffering from dry eye disease, and it’s more common now than ever before with our increased use of technology. It is crucial to understand your symptoms because the first step to treating dry eye disease is understanding the many ways it can effect your vision. Let us simplify it for you. Schedule and appointment with Vision Specialists 156th & West Maple today. 

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Dr. Kate Holthaus is specialty trained in dry eye evaluation, utilizing today’s most modern technology. Your dry eye exam will include a complete ocular surface assessment to discover your unique eyelid structure, blink dynamics, corneal health, and tear analysis that tell the story of the root cause of your dry eyes.


There are multiple types of dryness, and to adequately treat it, we discover the correct origin. Schedule an appointment today at Vision Specialists 156th & West Maple in Omaha so we can help you. 

Vision Specialists Dry Eye Exams & Treatment
Vision Specialists Dry Eye Exams & Treatment Optometrists

Your Treatment Plan.
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There are multiple treatments for dry eye disease, and we want to bring you the relief for your exact type. Treatments can include artificial tears, conservation of natural tears, or anti-inflammatory eye drops. We also provide Lipiflow® technology, a spa-like experience to clear your blocked tear glands, or fit specialty contact lenses to provide constant moisture with an enhanced ocular surface.


We provide the latest in eye care advancements to deliver the comfort you deserve. So schedule your appointment with Vision Specialists 156th & West Maple today.

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Dr. Kate Holthaus was chosen from the top candidates from across the nation. Our doctor network has direct access to the most advanced eye care professional education system in the United States.


Additionally, our doctors come from a variety of specialties, and our network is designed for collaboration. This ensures that our patients receive the best eye care in Omaha and all of Nebraska for years to come.

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