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Vision Specialists offers the industry's premier contact lens brands at affordable prices, including:

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Freedom With Your Vision.
Contact Lenses


Contact lenses should fit your prescription and your lifestyle. Dr. Robyn Epley and Dr. Dayna Hazelwood, along with our vision consultants, will make sure that you have the right contact lenses that are both comfortable and hassle-free.

Experience the comfort of knowing that your prescription is perfect the first time and that your contact lenses are designed especially for you.

See the World the Way it was Meant to be Seen

We want our patients in Council Bluffs to be able to see the world the way that it was meant to be seen — in crisp, vivid detail. At Vision Specialists of Council Bluffs, we make it easier to correct your vision your way, including options for contact lenses! Our highly trained vision care team utilizes the most advanced technology for all vision correction solutions.

Our team empowers and educates you to keep your vision clear and healthy for a lifetime, and in a style that you’re comfortable with. We make it easy to schedule an appointment with our friendly vision care team in Council Bluffs today!

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Council Bluffs Leading Vision Specialists

Whether you’re driving, reading, working on a computer or digital device, going on a date night, or playing sports, there is a comfortable solution waiting for you with Vision Specialists of Council Bluffs. Offering more than a decade of experience and a passion for ongoing learning, we customize your experience to your exact specifications, ensuring you end up with the vision solution that fits your lifestyle.

Your Style. Our Contacts.

We offer the industry's premier contact lens brands at affordable prices, including:

Make Your Appointment Today.

For us, contact lenses are more than just a vision fix — they’re integral parts of your everyday life. It’s incredibly important to us that your eye care solution fits your needs and style, making your daily routines that much easier and enjoyable. Affordable and diverse, our selection of contact lenses will keep you comfortable and confident. Schedule your appointment today!

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Each Vision Specialists doctor in Council Bluffs is chosen from the top candidates from across the nation. Our doctor network has direct access to the most advanced eye care professional education system in the United States.

Additionally, our doctors come from a variety of specialties, and our network is designed for collaboration. This ensures that our patients receive the best eye care in Council Bluffs and all of Iowa for years to come.

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